About Us

Excellent Options (XO) exists as a cohort-based model in middle and high schools across Loudoun County. Our goal is to eliminate the academic achievement gap for African American and students of color.

The Village that Supports Our Children

A parent-led, LCPS-partnered program that equips today’s student to be a future leader. XO Clubs are about elevating educational excellence efforts and helping each child to be successful. To be victorious in completing such a mission, it takes the partnership of our member schools as
well as the participation of the community.

We would like to extend an invitation for participation and membership. Participation in XO Clubs facilitate both academic excellence and career awareness for our youth. Additionally, Club programs and activities promote and enhance social emotional development by instilling a sense of competence, value, belonging and positive influence. These programs can help: 


  • Open the door to a variety of school leadership and community service opportunities
  • Develop higher aspirations for the future, including intentions to successfully complete high
    school and go to college
  • Pave the way for career, vocational and technological opportunities
  • Recognize members’ achievements at every step of the journey
  • Ensure sustainable growth and maturation of the weekend academy program. 
  • Design and deploy technological platforms that will directly support partnership efforts with parents, community, and sponsors. 
  • Provide African American students with exposure to post-secondary options.

XO is not just about the students. XO believes that a community/village approach yields the best results. Involved parents who believe in the strength of collaboration, with students, teachers, administrators, and the community will be most successful in developing a networking partnership through shared resources and information.



  • Club 2012 TM was Established in 2006 and later evolved to include Club 20xx TM and other “Twenty
    Clubs TM ”. Each name designated the club’s high school graduation year. All clubs are now
    Excellent Options (XO) Clubs specific to the school.
  • An achievement gap intervention Created by Parents, Led by Parents and Operated by Parents in
    partnership with schools and the community.
  • An organization focused on eliminating the achievement gap for African American Students.
  • Promotes excellence in academics, service, sportsmanship, community, and character.

Get Involved

Parents play a powerful role in their child’s academic success. The vision is clear: every child can be a high achiever. The parental responsibility in this vision is also clear: stay active in everything that affects your child’s academic success.

Excellent Options has proven that A village of like-minded Parents has immeasurable power to help our students reach the loftiest of goals.