How do I get involved in Excellent Options?

Become a member by completing the online membership form or becoming a Sponsor or Donor.

What is the purpose of the Excellent Options membership fee?

Excellent Options is a non-profit organization with operating expenditures and also offer scholarships that our high school graduating members* to apply for. Note: Refer to Scholarship Program for additional information.

What is the meaning of XO?

‘XO’ is the abbreviation used as a reference for ‘Excellent Options’.

What Excellent Options program(s) require individual to be a member?

Excellent Options membership is required for individual to sign-up for XO NSBE Jr. Chapter, Homework Club* and (some) Community Events/Services*.

What if I have a financial hardship?

Financial hardship is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Submit a request for review to membership@excellentoptions.org

Who do I contact if I have a question about a specific XO program?

Visit the Contact Us page for program contact information.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You have three (3) days right of rescission post-initiation less any online processing fee. Send request to membership@excellentoptions.org

What is Club 2012?

Club 2012 was a cohort comprised of black boys established in 2006 and later evolved to include Club 20xx and other “Twenty Clubs”.

What are Excellent Options Parent Meeting?

The XO Parent Meeting provides opportunity for parents to discuss the organization activities and dialogue about community issues that impact our children.

When are Excellent Options Parent Meeting held?

Excellent Options Parent Meeting are held the second Wednesday of each month unless otherwise posted. Visit the organization’s Calendar page for more information.

Is there a separate cost for each XO programs?

Excellent Options Membership subscription provides benefits to XO various programs which include discounts to the following programs:

  1. Saturday School
  2. Standing in the Gap
  3. College Tours

While XO membership is a prerequisite for participation in the following programs:

  1. Advisory
  2. Community Service & Events*
  3. Homework Club
  4. NSBE Jr*
  5. Scholarship