Homework Club


Homework Club is a parent administered program for middle school students sponsored by the Excellent Options organization in conjunction with LCPS partner schools.  Homework Clubs are led by dynamic parents who provide tutoring and encouragement in life skills with support from school sponsor(s).

The purpose of the Homework Club is multifaceted:

  • To create a sense of community and support among our African American and black students. 
  • To allow time for students to work on school work and get assistance from adults and/or peers.
  • Provide fun activities such as exploring career interests.
  • Hosting guest speakers such as former students, parents and leaders from the greater community, to speak on topics that promote academic and life skill successes.

Parents play a powerful role in their child’s academic success.  The vision is clear: every child can be a high achiever.  The parental responsibility in this vision is also clear:  stay active in every facet of your child’s academic success.  Strong teachers and effective learning environments are only part of the equation.   Involved parents who believe in the strength of collaboration and understand that supporting educational excellence requires a partnership between themselves, their child, and school faculty/staff is important to balance the equation.  

Parent commitment to our children’s excellence is essential to their success!  This village needs and is prepared to welcome your support, your presence, and your involvement.  We look forward to you, your child, and our community partners traveling together on this journey.