Weekend Academy


Excellent Options has been highly successful in shaping young minds and attitudes of African American students in LCPS since 2006. The mission of Weekend Academy is to provide participating students and their families’ grades pre-k-12th with a high-quality program that increase students’ reading comprehension, math computation skills and Standardized Test Preparation. 


The mission is to meet each student where they are in their educational journey. The goal is to decrease the Academic Achievement Gap while fostering the development of a life-long interest in acquiring and mastery of knowledge. This passion for learning will positively impact, impart and empower future generations to build and leave a successful and sustainable legacy.

We have contracted experienced teachers in their areas of expertise and are using a nationally recognized reading and math curriculum that aligns to the National Education Standards. Our curriculum will allow tracking of student progress from beginning to end, allowing teachers to make necessary adjustments. The Weekend Academy also offers what we have coined “Excellent Moments.” This is where we discuss cultural perspectives and promote and provide self-empowerment strategies to our young people. We also provide parent workshops to help parents navigate topics affecting personal, social, emotional and academic development. Our topics include: Helping Your Child Succeed in School, Planning for College/Career, Financially Meeting the Needs of Your Gifted Learner-just to name a few.

This program is meant for conscientious families that recognize the importance of getting ahead in academics.


Maximilian B. 8th Grade
2019 Weekend Academy  

Maximilian was underperforming in math.  After attending Saturday School for 10 weeks, his math proficiency improved by 2 levels.  He was also elected class president.


Desten H. 7th Grader
2020 Weekend Academy

 “I never had a black teacher until I met my XO teachers.  It was amazing to have Mr. Gibson as a teacher because he connected with me like no teachers have before.  He knows what it’s like to be a black boy and how other teachers treat us or perceive us.  Having a black male teacher has taught me the importance of lifting up other black men when I get older.”

Weekend Academy Programs

  • Focused on closing the academic achievement gap of African American students K-12
  • Employs experienced administrators and teachers with certification in their areas of expertise
  • Provide students and families with a high-quality academic program
  • Utilizes nationally recognized curriculum.  
  • Increases students’ reading comprehension and math computation skills
  • Standardized test preparation 
  • Students will gain an enhanced cultural experience
  • Foster development of a life-long interest in knowledge acquisition and mastery
  • Impact and empower future generations to build and leave successful & sustainable legacy

Standing In The Gap Virtual Academic Program

The current state of our educational system has potentially increased the learning gaps for our children. Excellent Options response is to Stand in the GAP and keep students progressing and accelerating their learning. Excellent Options has been highly successful in shaping young minds and attitudes of students in the Loudoun County Public Schools and addressing the achievement gap for African American and Students of Color.

Our virtual academic program focuses on reading, math and Standardized Test Preparation in a small group setting. We use a nationally recognized reading and math curriculum that aligns with the National Education Standards. Our virtual program is a borderless and is open to all students nation-wide. Our classes are taught by certified and experienced instructors and meet twice a week for 30 min each day. Teachers are able to assess and target the areas where students needs assistance allowing for necessary adjustments as well as create a plan of action to accelerate students’ learning.

The grades of the students comprise of:

  • Pre-K – K
  • 1st – 3rd grade
  • 4th – 5th grade
  • 6th – 8th grade
  • High School